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Albin 25 General Specifications

The Albin 25 AK (AK for "aft cabin") is a fiberglass displacement boat designed in the late 1960s. About 2795 were built between 1969 and 1977.

  • L.O.A. :7,6 meter (25ft. 0in) 
  • L.W.L. :6,75 meter (22ft. 2in) 
  • Beam :2,6 meter ( 8ft. 6in) 
  • Draft :0.7 meter ( 2ft. 4in) 
  • Height from mast support to deepest part of keel :2.75 meter ( 9ft) 
  • Height from mast support to waterline :2,1 meter ( 7ft) 
  • Displacement (empty boat with fuel) :1600 kg ( 1,6 ton) (Standard Engine) 
  • Maximum speed 8 Knots (MD2B) 
  • Cruising speed 6 Knots (MD2B) 
  • Maximum speed: 10 Knots(MD3B/MD17C) 
  • Cruising speed :8 Knots(MD3B/MD17C)

Specifications of Dido

  • The hull number apparently is 1178 (says the plate, but the former owner told us that he had transferred the name plate – saying “ALBIN 25” – from another old Albin. Maybe he also transferred the HID-plate from that old Albin, as on the back of all floor panels we found the handwritten number “1400”, which made us assume that Dido’s HID most likely is 1400).
  • The year was stated by the former owner as 1978. However, we doubt that this is correct.
    The engine cover is rather of the Albin Engine type than the Volvo Engine type, i.e. it is to be opened from inside of the cabin, and there are two floor panels in the doghouse aft the engine compartment. As we understand, the later Volvo-compartment comes with a single floor panel aft, and there is solid bulkhead as a counterpart to the cabin door.
    In our Albin there is the cabin door and a second, smaller door that opens towards the head door.
    However, there are also engine compartments like Dido's where you find a Volvo engine.
    On the fuse panel door there is wiring diagram of a Volvo, not of an Albin.
    Thus, we think that an Albin Engine was once in the compartment, meaning that Dido was built before 1975 or so.
    When putting all pieces of information in relation to the available databases it seems as if our Dido was built in 1972.
    Anyway, in 2003 Dido has been repowered with a Solé Diesel Mini 44. Solé is a Spanish manufacturer, the basis is Mitsubishi Genset Diesel, 4 cyl., 42 hp. The Mini 44 is merely a blue colored version of the Vetus 4.17.
  • The gearbox is an SMI-R2 with a 2:1 reduction.
  • The engine is running smoothly and quite silently. At 1800 revs the fuel consumption is somewhat around 1,8 liter per hour, doing about 5,5 knots (2200/2,5/~6 kn).
  • Propeller: 16x13x3

Dido is the motor sailer edition of the A25, i.e. it was originally equipped with a rig and has a triple keel. There is a stanchion in the cabin to support the mast. We removed this stanchion as there was no rig on the boat when we got her. However, by chance, I got mast and boom. Two sets of sails came with the Albin anyway. So far we have not rigged her again. This will be a future project.

Technical Equipment

  • Navman 7100 VHF UPDATE: Sailor 6215 since 2011
  • Garmin GPSmap 60CS handheld plotter, connected to a
  • Panasonic Toughbook CF18 notebook computer with Fugawi
  • Autopilot Raymarine SPX-5 SportPilot UPDATE: with Hy-Pro Pump
  • Nasa Navtex engine
  • DIY Watermaker, ~80 liter freshwater per hour
  • Quick Eagle windlass
  • 9 kg Buegel Anchor UPDATE: Jambo Anchor since 2012, with 60 m stainless chain 6mm, second anchor 9 kg Buegel Anchor, with 6 m stainless chain 6mm and 60 m rope
  • 2.500 W DC->AC Pure Sinus inverter
  • 2 solar panels (100 W each)
  • 360 Ah Batteries (plus 75 Ah for the motor)
  • 2.6 m inflatable dinghy with 3.3 hp Mariner


Jambo Anchor Buegel Anchor VHF Sailor 6215   

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